A Paris Elopement, Chen+Peter.

Paris, France
Whoa. I was Chen & Peters witness and I was so honored to sign their marriage certificate.
The video from the wedding day and the rest of P&C's honeymoon. Thhe Video was shot by Peter the groom and me on the wedding day. All footage edited by Peter.
This was also Featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Head on over there if you'd like to read more about the wedding.

  1. Joanne Encarnacion:

    This is so rad!! I love every little bit of it. Great job as always!

  2. tim coulson:

    Well…this is awesome.

  3. Gedas:


  4. Rose Dykstra:

    No.Way. Wow. What an ideal wedding ~ just the couple and Paris. Amazing!

  5. Will Kim:

    so good, all the time!

  6. Jonas Seaman:

    Yes!! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one ever since I saw that video!! Does not disappoint!! Completely Awesome!!

  7. Sarah Williams:

    So beautiful – I love!! I dream of shooting in Paris… you are amazing!

  8. Quim León:

    Great Sean, like always!! Awesome.

  9. Catherine Abegg:

    darn… i wish you were there for our elopement! you have done well, young flanigan.

  10. Leo Evidente:

    WOWOWEEWU!!! lovet!

  11. john benavente:

    you should shoot in paris more often :)

  12. tyson:

    wonderful! Such perfection -tys

  13. Chelsea Parsons:

    bloody brilliant!

  14. Steve Gerrard:

    C’est bien :)

  15. rich:

    Perfect photog-client pairing, bro. I’m so glad you do this for a living, it’s amazing.

  16. Catherine:

    sigh… superbe comme toujours

  17. Jon S6:

    Way too cool

  18. PJ:

    Sean, this is art!!
    groom reminds me on Serge Gainsbourg, nicer version ;)
    totolly Paris

  19. Christen Barnes:


  20. anda:

    sean flanigan, i love your eye more and more as time goes on. redefining greatness with every post. and i want to be friends with those two. he reminds me of bob dylan.

  21. AC:


  22. ali:

    My favorite place on earth. Love love love the images.

  23. chantal:

    Sean, these are incredible. Paris looks SO good in B & W.

  24. Caroline:

    Mon esprit est soufflé. (Translation: mind = blown)

  25. Corey Morgan:

    nothing short of beautiful.

  26. Eric Yerke:

    Looks like a young Bob Dylan. Pretty dope steeze you have sir

  27. Fred:

    Lovely. Love. Lover.
    Amazing look!

  28. Paul Krol:

    nice pictures, Sean. They seem a bit different from your usual style. Some of the frames are absolutely great. And a few are probably great but i’m not able to comprehend them, probably. It was a pleasure to view them. Cheers.

  29. Ryan Price:

    Wow man… these are just… wow…

  30. Greg Nissen:

    Sacre Bleu! C’est Incroyable!

  31. Julia Manchik:

    What an experience! The photos are almost feel like a movie.

  32. Katrina:

    amazing sean! i loove the ones with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

  33. jennifer armstrong:

    wow, wow, wow. Oh wow. Love this. The idea. The day. The photographs. The feel. These 2 people in love. The journey. Beautifully captured & created. Joy.

  34. ed peers:

    This is so unbelievably awesome.

  35. Mark Hayes:

    Love this and so wonderfully captured.

  36. travis shumate:

    tres bien. excellent work as always, sean.

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  38. kristen marie:

    the top one… http://stanflan.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/paris_wedding_peter_chen1015.jpg


  39. Andy Gaines:

    Pretty much ace! As always – Top work! Cheers for sharing!

  40. ben blood:

    sean! these are really great man.

  41. Dan O'Day:

    this is a frikkin killer set my friend. chuck another shrimp of the barbie and get your butt down here so I can give you a “good job” hug :)

  42. Jorge R. Gonzalez:

    That was a wild ride man.

  43. Lee:

    I enjoy these very much.

  44. Joachim:

    Beautiful work Sean! Nice to see you in Europe :)

  45. Monika Eisenbart:

    There are no words that can express how much I love your work!!!! And this wedding story is just amazing and a dream come to document!!!! WOW!!! I’m speechless!!!!!

  46. Rogelio:

    Carnal te la rifas, tienes un estilo simple,unico,divertido, saludos desde culiacan,México.

  47. sam hurd:

    looked at this wedding over and over since you posted it a while back. just so epic. my favorite wedding. ever.

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  49. Pobke:

    Freaking awesome. To the max. :) PS you look great SF!!!

  50. Kristian Leven:

    Next level.

  51. Miami Wedding Photographer:

    These are beautiful! Amazing!!! Give me a call when you are in the Miami area!

  52. mike:

    Love the ukulele!

  53. Natalie:

    Holy! You made it look like they had so much fun…I love this :-)

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