Suttons Bay, Michigan.
Chris and Alicia's Northern Michigan wedding was casual, laid back, and stripped down to the essence of exactly what a wedding should be about- love, family, and friends.
Digital files processed with VSCO Film.
Film shot on the LC-W and processed by Jo at Speedy Photo in Tacoma, WA.

  1. Eugene:

    beautiful set!

  2. Mike Swiegot:

    Nicely done once again!

  3. Steve Gerrard:

    “stripped down to the essence of exactly what a wedding should be about- love, family, and friends”

    That’s all it needs. Perfect.

  4. Seth:


  5. Kate:
  6. Kate:

    Incredible Photography. Wow.

  7. Bradley:

    As usual, killer BWs. How do you find such cool clients? :)

  8. amanda vanvels:

    love me some michigan. but really, beautifully done.

  9. jill:

    oh sean. just when i thought i couldn’t love my state any more. these are brilliant. you never cease to amaze me.

  10. Heather:

    You always inspire. Those lines with the walkways are so interesting! + Love the Jo shout out!

  11. Ronald de Bie:

    A realy love this work! Great inspiration for me.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  12. mackenzie:

    big laughs, awesome.
    and gorgeous black and whites as usual!

  13. Molly:

    Spent my summers in that same area (old mission, MI) as a kid. Your photos are always amazing!

  14. Tuomas Mikkonen:

    Love your work! Always inspiring!

  15. xian alexander:

    Now that’s what I call a beard!
    Great captures, just beautiful.

  16. gar thomas:

    congrats to you both..what a beautifully simple wedding. captured perfectly on camera.. you chris are one of my favorite stories…

  17. Carolyn Scott:

    Epic beard. Cute dog. Overall amazing awesomeness as usual.

  18. cori:

    seriously? stop it. beyond words, beautiful.

  19. deneise bucko:

    I have read read your post on VSCO. In the post you mention you always use kodakporta 160, 400 or 800 plus fade +… did you do this in this wedding images? I also want to add… You’re amazing and I am a big FAN! Love, love , love your work!

  20. Hi-Fi Weddings:

    this is FABULOUS!!! i would love love love to feature this on hi-fi weddings if you’re interested, and if they are willing to share the music deets :)

  21. mike:


  22. Temecula Wedding Photographer:

    very impressive set of photos! so many well executed shots!

  23. Trouwfotograaf Jarg Woldhuis:

    Really love the first few pictures. The black and white come out strong. The couple makes is a bit easier so to see.


  24. fotografo bodas:

    Incredible Photography. Inspiring

  25. Ronald:

    I love this style of photography! Great work!

  26. Ca:

    Outstanding work – even amongst your other work, this one really sings to me.

  27. Name:

    Such a great photography

  28. ››Melissa Jane:

    These images are beautiful! So full of life and laughter! What a wonderful day

  29. Roland Hale:

    Beautiful! This looked like an awesome, happy wedding.

  30. Andrea:

    Hey Sean, these images are not only beautiful but so inspiring. I can seriously feel the love. How do you do those continuous photo strips with the LC-W? Is it just the film you use or do you not advance it all the way? I’m getting into film more and more and this technique has me so curious. Thanks!