I Learn English on the Streets- Sera & Ote

Santa Fe, Near Granada, Spain.
This place.
My Friend Sera & his gypsy boss, Ote.

  1. Kristopher Gerner:

    Wow, that is a really beautiful photograph!

  2. Juan Carlos Fotografo:


  3. Tyler Ray:

    Wow, what a gorgeous shot. Are these friends of yours or people you just met?

  4. Nash Ruiz:

    I hope you enjoyed your stay in my country. Greetings.

  5. posicionamiento web:

    Great Serah & ote. :)

  6. Alexandra:

    Love this shot – love you work!

  7. chusico:

    hehehe I learn english on the streets too!!!

  8. ed peers:

    Oh my.

  9. caleb:

    dude. so good. that location is other-worldly.

  10. Hochzeitsfotograf:

    I must say that you give us a new inspiration of shooting photos like this.