Mona+Amir-The Portraits

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  1. susan yee:

    love these. love that her tattoo matches those birds you caught…

  2. Igor Demba:

    Cray fire.

  3. Meredith S:

    Yep, amazing photos. And amazing clients apparently! love their style

  4. Dominik:


  5. Micheal B:

    Ridiculously good Sean.

  6. Justin:

    freaking hell man! beautiful portraits

  7. jennifer armstrong:

    mmmmm… yum. Beautiful feast for the eyes.

  8. DeVende Photography:

    Really cool post Sean!

  9. Sotiris Stampoulidis:

    Wondeful….like birds in the sky

  10. melia:

    Wow. I’ll never see Sun Yat Sen the same way…

  11. matthew morgan:

    dead on

  12. Kim:


  13. Pawel Bebenca:

    WOW !!! goose-flesh

  14. Tonhya Kae:

    oh stooooop. damn.

  15. David Jenkins:

    Love these Sean. Great colour as always.

  16. maksimgladki:


  17. Jessika:


  18. mackenzie:

    wow. wow. those birds, the bowtie, everything. beautiful.

  19. brandon lata:

    Really awesome shots in the bamboo! That last one before the red backdrop rocks me. All of the shots are stunning though… great collection.

  20. gee:

    yes master !!!

  21. ian:


  22. Matt:

    Your colours and composition are so inspiring Sean. Insane!

  23. Caroline Hoste:

    Some of the very finest wedding photography I have ever seen. Gorgeous couple, beautiful shots. Love you guys, Caroline x

  24. mike:

    Amazing. Flat out.

  25. d:

    Photos worth a million words really inspiring. was vsco used also?

  26. James Melia:

    just bloody beautiful!!! Awesome work as always

  27. deneise bucko:

    simply amazing!

  28. deneise bucko:


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  30. Julia Sikira:

    The wedding photos are really beautiful. I love these photos!

  31. Tomasz:

    Stunning !

  32. Golden - Asian wedding photography and cinematography:

    I love your photography style. lovely images