On Top Of A Mountain-Christina+Nathan

Chris & Nate
Manitou Springs, CO

  1. coler:

    Best wedding of the year. And how you did storyboard-comp-4.jpg is beyond me. Absolutely fantastic.

  2. fer juaristi:

    beauty set my friend.

  3. Nate Yaro:

    This wedding is amazing… Great work!

  4. benj haisch:

    yeah… none of these are very good and this wedding was probably boring… wait. this looks INSANE.

  5. Shokoofeh:

    Really! What can I say?!

  6. jen@greenweddingshoes:

    wow…..amazing Sean!

  7. rich:

    Dude, if I didn’t know you, I wouldn’t think this could even be real. Unbelievable. As in, I didn’t believe a wedding could be so beautiful.

  8. michael luna:

    incredible collection as always.

  9. Ashley Dru:

    holy crap….this is the most beautiful post I have ever seen in all the history of posts. can’t get over it…

  10. lydia {ever ours}:

    amazed…absolutely beyond words amazed.

  11. Andria Lindquist:

    that’s a wedding. they are beautiful. i’m growing so fond of these intimate affairs for weddings. so cool.

  12. J Shoda:

    Pure satisfaktion.

  13. geneoh:

    I guess that location is ok… great work, friend.

  14. Drew Renner:

    This is an incredible post. Kinda speechless other than bravo.

  15. Jackie Wonders:

    these aren’t crap. ya.

  16. Jackie Wonders:

    these aren’t crap. ya. quite the opposite.

  17. Susan Stripling:

    Whoa…where did the bride get that AMAZING dress?

  18. Reema Al-Zaben:


  19. Jesse Pafundi:

    Just gunna say WOW and leave it at that

  20. Branden Harvey:

    This looks like the most amazing wedding, and you captured it well. It looks like they picked the perfect photographer for the job.

  21. sara hansen:

    for some reason I have David Bazan’s “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” playing in my head when I look at this wedding and it’s awesome. Great job.

  22. leah:

    yep. no words. you make it look so easy.

  23. kyle hale:

    boom. roasted. SF style

  24. Jamie Bishop:

    Beautiful work Sean! The image of the dress thru the window reflection is brilliant.

  25. Kokei:

    THAT DRESS. Who and where.

  26. Deidre:

    WOW. I don’t ever comment on blogs but this wedding is FORCING me to comment and tell you what a phenomenal job you have done here. The colors, the love, the perspectives – everything is perfection.


  27. Caroline Fontenot:


  28. harrison:

    love love love the wedding. amazing work!

  29. Greg Nissen:

    mind blowing

  30. Christina Rouse:

    For those of you asking, I got my dress from Nordstrom’s. It’s not actually meant to be a wedding dress but a ballgown. The designer is Tadashi Shoji. My sister & her husband bought it for me as my wedding gift. :)

    And Sean, you’re the best.

  31. Tonhya Kae:


  32. Shane Macomber:

    I lost track of my favorites…….such crazy good work man!

  33. Bradley Lanphear:

    My head just exploded…

  34. julie harmsen:

    quite possibly the most stunning wedding and wedding imagery i’ve seen. maybe ever. *jaw dropped.

  35. Pawel Winnicki:

    simple perfection :)

  36. Paul Krol:

    i love these Mr.Sean Flanigan.

  37. megan:

    pure beauty. love the (fuji? polaroid?) scans.

  38. LTD,:

    ain’t no half steppin’

  39. Will:

    get the flock out! SO GOOD!

  40. daniel usenko:

    wow dude, no words. Simply incredible.

  41. Zach Anderson:

    Uhhhhhh…..yeah, this seriously kills it.

  42. Alyssa:

    if it wasn’t for the clothes doned by everyone else, I would’ve sworn these were taken at the turn of the century. The stylism is amazing!

  43. bryn:

    amazing. love the photos. love the spot. love the details. love the dress. pretty ridiculous. awesome work, sean!

  44. Jake Ford:

    Dude, you shoot in the most beautiful places!

  45. alyda:

    i wish this was my wedding – incredible…..really really incredible!

  46. Gedas Girdvainis:

    incredible like always.

  47. anda:

    um, okay … so you know those weddings you can’t even believe are real — and you wish you were there … or that you were friends with everyone there? this is that. amazing work, sean. you keep one-upping yourself!

  48. tim riddick:

    holy crap i just picked up my brains off the floor because it could not handle the awesomeness of this wedding and the photography.

  49. shipra:

    no words necessary.
    This is everything that a wedding should be, raw and real and completely reflective of their love for each other and those that matter to them.

  50. David Robertson:

    so so awesome man.. that first shot is INSANE

  51. stephanie:

    fan-freaking-tastic. I mean, really. absolutely phenomenal. those old b&w’s. incredible touch. should i go on??!?!? :-)

  52. Julia Manchik:

    Snap, this couple has fabulous style! What a sweet way to get married. Your style fits theirs so well.

  53. romin:

    I spy a Lutz or three.

  54. Caroline Ghetes:

    You could blog 500 images and I would still be hungry for more. Best post I have ever seen from you.

  55. mercedes:

    really. what’s not to love?

  56. gabe aceves:

    incredible. no other words.

  57. Jonas Peterson:

    Killed. It.

  58. Elissa:

    This wedding is incredibly beautiful. (I love her dress.) For some reason the photo of the bride standing in front of that open door that is spilling out yellow light is my favorite.

  59. Brandon:

    Whoa. That was good.

  60. Kate:

    AMAZING! Best wedding pics I have ever seen.

  61. Justin:

    Masterful Sean – so pure, beautiful and inspiring images! Is that DSLR video in storyboard-comp-45?

  62. Gerry:

    Best coverage I have seen in while and wedding in style… Outstanding!

  63. Ben Tilley:

    Love the B&W shot of her looking straight into the camera with one eye (storyboard-comp-9.jpg) Amazing emotion

  64. Katrina:

    This are incredible Sean!

  65. Julianna:

    Freakin’ amazing!!

  66. Brian Kraft:

    What everyone else has said +1, or 2, or a million.

  67. Kirsten Mavric:

    Stupendous, Sean. I ADORE your processing. You may have my left arm for a copy of your actions.

  68. David Schreiner:

    Wow! This is so different… Very stylish

  69. john benavente:

    way too sick!

  70. jennifer armstrong:

    wow. Beyond the beyond. So absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, honest, raw, real, compelling, creative. Glorious.

  71. Pepe Faraldo:

    Absolutamente impresionante!!!! Un dominio brutal en todos los aspectos. Tengo los ojos como platos. Enhorabuena Sean

  72. Andy Barnhart:

    Incredible. Awesome work!

  73. Sarah Williams:

    You are amazing – another beautiful beautiful post. What amazing memories for this couple to have! x

  74. teresa vigil:

    i love them soo much i have to say whihc its hard out of all of them i love the portrait when the bride is holding part of her dress up – the color version right after the ceremony and the garter shot- i feel like I get a little blessing every time i look at your site- thank you.

  75. amypunky photography:

    Absolutely stunning! The bride is gorgeous and the venue is amazing.

  76. mike pochwat:

    high five. these are awesome.

  77. ed peers:

    Sean. This. Is. Beautiful.

  78. Dan O'Day:

    killed it fella… love this.

  79. Francisco Rosso:

    I excited to see the magnificent work you do.My most sincere congratulations

  80. Rachel Pick:

    Beautiful. Stunning. Very nicely done – from composition to colour treatment and wonderful emotion.

  81. Sansaara:

    Picking. Jaw. Up. Off. The. Floor.

  82. Stacey Hedman:

    Yeah, no words indeed. This is perhaps the best ever wedding setting I could imagine in life, and you captured it stunningly.

  83. Paul Fuller:

    Can’t imagine a more incredible location for a wedding or a more elegant bride. You nailed it as per usual!!

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  85. Kelly Tunney:

    C’mon, incredible is not enough for these!

  86. Jonas Seaman:

    This kills me. So amazing!!

  87. Whitney Schey:

    This might be my favorite wedding I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing.

  88. David de Biasí:

    I have never seen pics like this, I’m stunned, it’s gorgous. Greetings from Spain

  89. Kelly Stonelake:

    Wow.. feel like I was there. Wish I was there. Beautiful.

  90. Rafa Ibanez:

    Very nice wedding Sean!

  91. morgaine:

    sean, i so rarely have time these days to browse the net… but this made me want to clear the desk in one sweep of my arm and stare at your site all day. so true and real…

  92. J Sandifer:

    Beautiful work Sean! Sometimes the intimate weddings have the most character!! This one sure did and your images oozzzed it!

  93. janet:

    mind officially blown! amazing!

  94. alpana:

    such an incredible body of work!

  95. Laura Scott:

    WOW, now i know who i want to be when i grow up ;-)

  96. Hayley Trone:

    literally the coolest thing i’ve ever seen.

  97. Gillian:

    The 8th one from the bottom is KILLING me!! Amazing pictures. Not surprised.

  98. Liz:

    This moved me to tears; so perfect and beautiful. It’s exactly what I envision my wedding to be like.

  99. John Wellings:

    WOW! So damn good!

  100. jonahliza:

    these photographs are breath taking. this wedding was beautiful.

  101. ajira:

    Dear Sean,

    I saw this post some weeks ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it. It moved me. And I’ve mentioned it to my husband and a friend, using it to illustrate and describe what I love about photography and what kinds of weddings I would like to photograph. I adore the focus on portraiture in your work. The story told. The fact that at the end of the post I wished I’d been there. On that mountain. It reminded me of weddings (and births and birthdays and graduations and any old reason to celebrate. together) back home in Tanzania and in South Africa. Which are not only family and friends affairs but neighbourhood and village affairs. Where everyone comes, brings food and helps set the table. What a marvelous gift you’ve given this couple and their loved ones.

    rock on.

  102. MichelleP:

    So stunning – my jaw just hit the floor. Wow,

  103. JR:

    I need to think of another word for INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!

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  105. Monika:

    Sean – I’ve been looking at this post over and over again. It’s so magical and beautiful and heartfelt.
    Simply amazing.

  106. One of the most beautiful wedding coverage I ever seen.:
  107. buentiempo:

    absolutelly amazed how perfectly everything fits together… those two, the settings, environment, mood, … just everything! And if it is what those two really wanted, than reat great job on the pictures.

  108. Derren:

    Amazing post Sean. Love the artistry and the story-telling in your work. Inspiring and beautiful batch of images!

  109. ainsley:

    This wedding is so beautiful, her hair… and that dress… wonderful photos!

  110. Richard:

    everything about this wedding is amazing!

  111. Louis:

    Dark clouds at the beginning of the ceremony are insane!! Long time follower of your work, great as always!

  112. Heidi:

    this wedding with accompanied images is absolutely stunning. you nailed this. brilliant Sean.

  113. Shanti:

    I’ve never said this before. This is the. most. beautiful. wedding I’ve ever seen. I want it.

  114. oh my god!!!!!! so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
  115. lauryn:

    These images are so gorgeous!!!! The bride looks a lot like Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Recreation- love her.

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  118. Sarah:

    I have never seen anything like this. And I feel in <3, head over heels.

  119. La boda de Lola:

    Simply amazing! Definately an inspiration for us! Keep up the great work!

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  122. Emily:

    These are THE most stunning wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Absolutely beautiful.

  123. mike:

    You absolutely killed it with this wedding.

  124. Chad Morgan:

    Sean, beautiful work–in my neck of the woods. If you find yourself in CO again, let me treat you to coffee or drinks. C.

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  128. Anne:

    This will be my biggest inspiration!! Thank you Sean beeeaaaaauuutiful:)

  129. Lauren:

    These photographs are to die for! The bride is so breathtaking!
    I purchased this dress and stumbled upon this post while trying to find photos of it. I’m wondering if there were any issues with the alterations, since there is a considerable amount of beading.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful wedding!

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  132. deneise bucko:

    crazy good!!!!

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  134. Name:

    Gary Lashmar (aka Marshal Gray)

  135. Megan C:

    I would like my wedding to be identical to this, so earthy and natural, i love it! the location was stunning and it looked like a beautiful ceremony. To anyone who was at the wedding, just out of pure curiosity: what fleet foxes song did the bride walk down the aisle too? my dream is to do the same! thank you, and the photographer did a truly fantastic job.

  136. Christina:

    Megan, the song was the instrumental only track “The Cascades”.

  137. wandering pebbles:

    awwhh!! this is so beautiful!

  138. jessica shae:

    this is beyond incredible. so so beautifully breathe taking.

  139. frankie:

    UUaauu, beautful, my friend.

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  141. Mark Sass | Wedding Photographer:

    Oh what a beautiful wedding! Incredible wedding photography! NICE!

  142. David McClelland:

    This is just ridiculously good. Every shot is a work of art. Beautiful Sean. Just beautiful.

  143. Alen Pasalic:

    Bravo my friend!.
    This is awesome, beautiful and emotional.
    You understand emotions of people you photograph and out of all skills that one photographer need, understanding people and emotion is at the top.


  144. Cristian:

    Very very nice.

  145. jaime:

    i love your photoghy, the light of this job is sublime. GREEEEAT!!!!