Postcard Project. A Fresh Batch

If you would like a postcard sent to you please send an email to sean(at)seanflanigan(dot)net with the address you’d like the card to arrive. You’ll also need to drop a comment here, on this post, confirming you sent the email to receive a card. This way I know to look in my junk mail for your name if I don’t see an email from you.
If you'd like to purchase a set of 10 postcards you can find info on how to do that here.
I think it's so important to get my art on paper. I'm happy to share my work with anyone who would like a piece of it. I love what I do and I am blessed to do it. This is my way to show my gratitude.

  1. Tanya Trofimchuk:

    Love this idea! Genuine too. Looking forward to it in the mail! :)

  2. Caleb:

    love these…
    email sent!

  3. Jesse:
  4. Alicia White:

    I would love a postcard!

  5. Gannon Burgett:

    Shot you an email!

  6. Alicia White:

    Don’t know if my other message posted, I would love a postcard :-)

  7. hayley trone:

    sent a email for a postcard:) this is the coolest.

  8. Dawn Ferragao:

    Thank you! Can’t wait. Email just sent.

  9. mandiimae:

    incredible. :)

  10. Michael Wachniak:

    Email sent. These are fantastic dude!

  11. Joshua Mikhaiel:

    great stuff Sean. Email Sent!

  12. Dan:

    Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing. I sent an email :)

  13. marisa groff:

    email sent! thank you!

  14. mckenzie powell:

    Email sent! Looking forward to beautiful art in the mail.

  15. Megan:

    This is such a lovely idea! So kind. I’m so for it! Email sent!

  16. Alyssa Barajas:

    Email sent! Love what you’re doing! Looking forward to receiving it!

  17. Tracie:

    Sent an email!
    I can’t wait!!

  18. Branden Harvey:

    Just shot you an email man. I can’t wait!

  19. Toby Carleton:

    Done did it

  20. Jarred Gastreich:

    I know exactly where it’s going to go on the wall.

  21. murat:

    just emailed, great idea sean :)

  22. Caryn Azure:

    Email sent! Thanks!

  23. Lee Wei Sheng:

    Just sent an email to you! Can’t wait for your awesome postcard. :D

  24. Lee Wei Sheng:

    Just sent the email! Can’t wait for your awesome postcard. :D

  25. Rose Dykstra:

    I just sent an email, what a great project idea! Nothing nicer than getting a great piece of mail!

  26. Sarah Williams:

    Email sent! Thanks so much again!

  27. Francisco Chavira:

    Email Sent.
    You. Rock. So. Hard

  28. Merinda:

    i just sent an email! looking forward to checking my mail! thx!

  29. Jonathan Wong:

    Sent you an email! Thanks Sean!

  30. rafidah:

    emailed you! :) thaaanks

  31. Jade Sheldon:

    Would love to find a piece of your artwork in my mailbox…

  32. Abbey Moore:

    Emailed you :) thankful for your work!

  33. David Fiser:

    sent! thank you kindly.

  34. Michael shamberg:

    Sent you an email! Such a cool idea, love your work!

  35. s h e r r y:

    I think it’s so awesome that you’re doing this! :) I sent you an e-mail and will now wait by my mailbox patiently :D

  36. Cassie:

    Fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Fingers crossed it makes it to Australia x

  37. emily chidester:

    sent email! you’re the coolest.

  38. Brittany:

    sent. thanks! cheers.

  39. Kimber Leane:

    I’m sending you an email now. I wish I hadn’t just purchased 100 Penguin cover postcards, yours are pretty extraordinary. Thanks, Sean!

  40. john awad:

    all in.

  41. Emilie Gerard:

    I just sent you an email! Thanks!!!

  42. Christine:

    an amazing idea. thank-you! (e-mail sent).

  43. Kevin:

    Sent and email. Thank so much.

  44. Sachin Khona:

    You da man, man ;) Email sent for sheezy

  45. Meagan:

    An email as been sent your way! Thank you muchly.

  46. manu:

    love this idea. sent u an email. can’t wait for yor great postcard. thank u.

  47. Ruan:

    Done. Looking forward to some sean awesomeness :)

  48. Emiko:

    Hi, Sean. Just sent you the email. Looking forward to receiving it!

  49. Ben:

    email sent. cheers!

  50. Name:

    oh hell yes! email sent!

  51. Nicole Humphrey:

    oh wow, thanks for sharing!
    Email sent.

  52. Sam Gibson:

    hi sean I just emailed – may be too late, but hopefully not. thanks!


  53. Luke Hayden:

    Email sent. 3rd time lucky :) Thank you

  54. Lena:

    sent an email with my address and looking forward to getting a card.

  55. Duane:

    Done yo!!!

  56. david christover:

    done sent you an email. thank a lot Sean!

  57. Jeremiah Daniel Spray:

    Done! :)

  58. Bethany Wears:

    Emailed! Thanks :)

  59. Leo Evidente:

    Email sent. Looking forward to it! Thanks!

  60. Jason Meintjes:

    Yes please!!
    Email sent.

  61. Karen:

    Email sent- thanks, Sean- can’t wait to receive it!

  62. Amy Tran:

    These are lovely and I can’t wait to receive one. Email sent!

  63. davide:

    Email sent. Love your work, thank you

  64. Emily Vermaat:

    Thanks! I sent you an e-mail :) excited I may get one this time!

  65. Brody:

    I just sent you an email, I can’t wait to see it!

  66. Heiko Arnold:

    done it, cant wait and a Big THANK you!!!

  67. Aaron:

    Thanks Sean, wonderful idea!

  68. Kelsey Callihan:

    Just sent an email your way.
    It would be an incredible gift to receive!

  69. Jakub Majewski:

    Email sent! Thank you Sean!

  70. Nick Decombel:

    Email is on the way! Thx Sean …

  71. Hanna Skoog:

    How lovely! I sent you an email as well, thanks!

  72. Gedas:

    I would love a postcard :)

  73. Afnan:

    I would love to get my hands on one of those postcards! Thanks Sean!

  74. Wouter:

    Email sent! Thanks! They are awesome

  75. Javier Abad:

    Sent the email. Thanks!!!

  76. Ernesto:

    Hi Sean! I love the idea! I sent my address by email. All the best!

  77. Ryan:

    Thank you very much!! I am looking forward to receiving the great gift. :)

  78. Jordy:


  79. James Readhead:

    Email sent. Thanks! Stoked! :)

  80. Sara Koshagi:

    Email sent. Thanks!!

  81. Gerry Sulp:

    Did it! :)

  82. Karina Lisboa:

    Just sent an email! Thanx

  83. Gary Greenham:

    Thanks a lot can’t wait!!

  84. Richard:

    Sent you an email! Thanks!

  85. Joseph Hall:

    Electronic letter despatched. Loving your logo love!

  86. Luis Mateus:

    Sent an email. Thank you! They look very nice!

  87. Peter Bjerke:

    So grateful. Email sent.

  88. WAC:


  89. hili:

    sent you an email. would love to have a printed photo.

  90. Matthias:

    Fine, I like to receive a postcard. I’m so curious :) … send you a Email.

  91. Stan l.:

    Sent u an email. Thank you

  92. Faith:

    Email sent :) Ta!

  93. Kelsey:

    I would love it. Yes please! Sending email…

  94. Lina Blair:

    Sent an email. They’re beautiful. Thanks so much!

  95. Brian Belknap:

    This is such a great project! Thanks for sharing!

  96. Sent you an e mail. Awesome project! Thanks so much!:
  97. Rebecca Allen:

    Would love to receive a piece of your art by snail mail. Email sent! Thanks so much :)

  98. Jessica:

    I filled out the above comment incorrectly. Just fixing it here.

  99. Bradley Lanphear:

    Just sent the email. I’m so looking forward to getting another one!

  100. Katie Schmid:

    snail mail is the best mail.

  101. suejean:

    Yes! Thank you, email sent. :)

  102. renata stone:

    I’m giddy with excitement….it’ll make me excited to get mail again! ha

  103. Brennan McKissick:

    Dropping a line as we speak!

  104. tyson:

    Email Sent from Tokyo, Japan :)

  105. benj haisch:

    you know I love India. I’m still wanting to go someday again, for the record.

  106. Amanda Weismiller:

    I can’t wait to recieve mine!

  107. Ashley Kelemen:

    gorgeous images!! email sent :)

  108. Daniel Hedgecock:

    Thank you for sharing Sean, Email sent!

  109. Tonhya Kae:

    Yes please :) thank yoooou!

  110. Sara Hansen:

    Woo! Love post cards :)

  111. Jessica:

    Email sent!!

  112. dreylin hervey:

    Email sent!

  113. Drew:

    Just sent an email your way.

  114. Cait Butt:

    sent my email. thank you for sharing your art.

  115. Matt Lien:

    Would love one! Email sent.

  116. Miko R:


  117. shuyi l.:

    Just sent you an email! Thanks :)

  118. Kevin Chuy:

    Emailed. Huge fan of your work, Thanks!

  119. Jean-Laurent:

    Love the idea ! Email sent !

  120. Brad Dixon:

    Email sent.

  121. Hannah H.:

    love this set! email sent. ^_^

  122. Arek:

    Big fan of your work!
    Email sent!

  123. Abby:

    Looking forward to my postcard. Great Idea!

  124. Patrick:


  125. mackenzie:

    i’m so looking forward to it! maybe i’ll buy a set…

  126. Lenny See:
  127. joar andré heiberg:

    i like your generosity. *love your work.

  128. Lena Fischer:

    I love your feeling for the right moment and I’m looking forward to get a postcard…

  129. Adam:

    Email Sent! thanks!

  130. Laura:
  131. jennifer armstrong:

    email sent. Thank you for sharing.

  132. Candy Kempsey:

    I sent an email for a postcard. I love the one with the reflection so hard. ; ) Love,love,love your work.

  133. aimee:

    have sent an email – thanks!

  134. Chris:

    Email sent :)

  135. Luiz Veloso:

    Email sent. Thx, Sean!

  136. Heather Lorraine:

    Just sent the email.. You rock

  137. shavonne wong:

    Sent! Thank you!! Looking forward to it (:

  138. Jason Price:

    Email sent!

  139. Alora Marie:

    Sent the email! Thank you! (:

  140. Felix:

    mail sent … too good.

  141. tania:

    just write my adress! can’t wait!

  142. Devin:

    i’m so glad you’ve brought your postcards back! you do incredible work.

  143. swede:


  144. kevin:

    Request sent!

  145. Jamie:

    Just sent my email, thanks for the opportunity to own a piece of your artwork!

  146. morgan sikkerboel:

    i’d love one. email sent.

  147. Chelsey:

    Request sent your way! What a great idea!!

  148. Julie:

    Oh man! This is gonna be so cool. I sent an email! Thank you :)

  149. Nuno Ferreira:

    Hello Sean! Just sent you an email for a postcard. Thanks!

  150. Kristin Shyla:

    you are so very rad to share your art with us. So generous. Thank you. I sent you an email.

  151. Ally Garvin:

    Sent you an email! Thanks!

  152. Jesse Pafundi:

    Email sent. You’re the man!

  153. Louis:

    Email Sent. You Rock!

  154. Rodrigo Cardoso:

    Great idea. Email sent! thanks :)

  155. Wendy Xu:

    Sent email. Thank you!

  156. Lisa V. Lopez-Lupo:

    Hi Sean,

    Sent ya the email. Thanks for being such an inspiring artist.

  157. natalie gonzalez:

    email sent. eagerly awaiting.

  158. Mikhaella I:

    Sent an email, I hope something gorgeous arrives in my postbox soon! :)

  159. Tiana:

    Sent an email. Thanks so much!

  160. Shipra:

    sending email now. Yay!!

  161. Julie Cannon:

    Would love to be included in the next batch!

  162. Julia Gaplevskaya:

    Just sent an email. Thank you Sean!

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  164. My postcard arrived today!Totally forgot about it... Nice surprise when opened the mailbox :) Thank you:
  165. Rodrigo Cardoso:

    My postcard arrived today! Totally forgot about it… Nice surprise when opened the mailbox. Thank you :)

  166. Paul Bamford:

    Yes please! Just sent an email. Thanks!

  167. Cameron Wiley:

    These are great! Email sent.

  168. Allie:

    I sent you one! Thanks so much!

  169. Jillian:

    I sent an email :)

  170. Katia:

    Message sent. Thanks!!!!

  171. Lucy:

    Sent an email. Thank you so much – your work is beautiful!

  172. mindy:

    email sent! thanks so much!

  173. ali:

    hope its not too late! just sent ya an email… :)

  174. christine:

    yay postcards!! :)

  175. sharon:

    I sent you an email :) Would love a postcard if I’m not too late!

  176. Courtney:

    So cool! I can’t wait to receive one!

  177. Fong:

    Email sent! Thanks do much!

  178. andy:

    Thank you very much!

  179. Joan:

    I would love too Sean ;)
    Email sent !!
    Thank you Sean ;D

  180. Derryn Semple:

    Really looking forward to a surprise in the post :)

  181. Reni:

    you’ve got mail! we like mail in our postbox

  182. Aaron:

    Email sent. Thanks Sean!

  183. Joanna Brown:

    Sent you an email…. boom your work is beaut :)

  184. Sent you an email. Love you work, style - a true inspiration.:


  185. rich:

    email sent! amazing work!

  186. Daniel:

    Email sent from Romania ! Keep up the good work you do ! :)

  187. Rob Holley:

    Incredible. Wow. Stunning.

  188. Chris:

    These look awesome. Thanks Sean!

  189. Megan Saul:


  190. Email sent! So so stoked:
  191. EG:

    Exciteddd thanks so much Sean

  192. Devin:

    i can not WAIT!

  193. Hanneke:

    Would love a postcard!
    Email sent! :)

  194. Ben:

    Sent, Thanks buddy.

  195. Kathryn & Perry:

    A Sean Flanigan in my house! yes, please!

  196. Beth Urban:

    emailed. thanks!! your work is such an inspiration!

  197. grace:

    e-mail sent. thank you!!

  198. morgan blake:

    emailed ya. thanks a million.

  199. Jeff:

    E-mail sent. Thanks so much! Love the idea.

  200. Mona:

    I sent an email – THANK YOU so much

  201. Mona:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH email sent

  202. Molly:

    Email sent – thank you!!

  203. Aaron:

    Email sent – thanks Sean

  204. Shaunae:

    Sent you an email. I totally agree, you should print your work! I’m such a fan, your work is gorgeous!

  205. Lina Blair:

    Thank you so much! Email sent!

  206. Claire:

    SO many thanks Sean!! email sent :) your work is fantastic!!

  207. Lisa:

    Email sent…thanks

  208. Lacy:

    Email sent!! Love these so very much!

  209. Matt Jones:
  210. Matt Jones:

    Email sent

  211. k-hoang:

    email was sent!

  212. Jay Cancel:


  213. Michelle:

    Thank you from a postcard addict. Email sent!

  214. Bradley Lanphear:

    Email sent! I can’t wait…

  215. Melissa Contreras:

    I would love a postcard, email just sent!

  216. Hayley Trone:

    Email sent! You are great.

  217. Sonja:

    Sent an email; I so hope you have enough postcards that I can get one too. :) Awesome way to say thanks!

  218. Dorien Scheltens:

    Address sent!

  219. Orlando Rivera:

    Email sent! Thanks Sean!

  220. Zac Wolf:

    emailed! Thanks Sean!

  221. Frank Lilliman:

    Great presentation! Email request has been sent.