Raffaella- Bride

Edmonton, Alberta.
5DM3 & 24m TSE. Processed with VSCO Film.

  1. Bradley:


  2. Drew W:

    just the kind of amazing shot I would expect from you.

  3. john warren:

    oh yep !!

  4. emily chidester:

    gorgeous. seriously gorgeous.

  5. Tuomas Mikkonen:

    Whu! Thats so cool!

  6. PerHenning:

    So so beautiful!!! i see the 24mm ts is super in your hands …

  7. Jesse Pafundi:

    Real good.

  8. Monica Justesen Photography:

    Stunning image, holy cow!

  9. David McClelland:

    What a shot. Perfect.

  10. Ashley:

    I live in Edmonton and would love to know what venue this is!

    Breathtaking photo.