Saigon & Bac Lieu City- Snapshots

More experiencing & less photography this trip.
LOMO LC-W. Kodak Gold. Fuji 160s.

  1. Michael:

    This makes me really happy. Love your film work!

  2. Bradley:

    Travel and street photography is where it’s at. Good stuff.

  3. Anna Roberts:

    Thanks for sharing these!

  4. Manel Tamayo:

    Great pics for a nice travel !!!

  5. Trix:

    These photos are great! They make me want to visit Vietnam again.

  6. rich:

    super super cool shots – amazing work!

  7. Kylie:

    I really enjoy following your travels Sean. Thank you.

  8. Ken Tan:

    Just stumbled upon your site! Love your photographs! Amazing work, Sean.