Westport, WA
Dylan got in touch with me a few weeks before he planned to travel from Boise to Seattle to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Sara.
Dylan and Sara are both creatives- I love working for artists. Dylan and I decided to make it out to the coast for the shoot. Westport has to be one of my favorite places on earth.

  1. michelle waspe:

    these are stunning!! I love the compositions – perfect, and the beautiful use of light…

  2. xian alexander:

    Beautiful portraits Sean!

  3. Jack Chauvel:

    I love these people! and this location!

  4. Greg Hoskins:

    You guys rule…all 3 of you :)

  5. Serafin:

    i love all the pictures!
    See you soon papichulo!

  6. Gianluca Adovasio:

    no words! all beautiful :)

  7. Jean-Laurent:

    Great Sean ! Did you post only digital or is there some film pics too ?

  8. Veronica Varos:

    Absolutely perfect!

  9. Nessa K:

    Sara is the prettiest and the best, amen. <3

  10. Ricki Ford:

    LOVED everyone of them!!

  11. Paul Krol:

    Sublime, Sean. Sublime!

  12. Crystal:

    They’re perfect. Great job!

  13. Amber Ulmer- Ulmer Studios Photography:

    Unreal session…killer post work & just stunning couple!

  14. Daniel:

    Everytime I see your work, I think about getting retired. Absolutely fantastic!

  15. Julia Manchik:

    Congrats Sara & Dylan!! You did a fabulous job with these, Sean.

  16. Gabriel Navas:

    Wow! Sean I Love it!!

  17. Serena Severtson:

    These photos = amazing + perfect. <3

  18. Matt:

    Great photos of a great couple.

  19. Angie:

    Can I please have at least one of each?!! These two are lovely…thanks for capturing their essence and beauty!

  20. JK Blackwell:

    Love the editorial feel to these and the light leak to some of the frames!

  21. Tenielle:

    Mad locations, hawt couple. Amazing portraits. Congrats guys xo

  22. Per:

    Stunning i looked at this post so many times now and still i want more. Lame question but is the lightleak done with ASE4? /Cheers

  23. Paige Thomas:

    Oh my good heavens. Amazing photos, amazing people.

  24. Joyce Alexander:

    Love this set, so happy for them!

  25. mike:

    It’s real.

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  27. Zohar:

    Absolutely amazing!! this is pure genius

  28. Joanna Day:

    stunning in every single way. love this times a million.

  29. twiggs:

    gorgeous session!!! as a photographer i love to work with creative people, there is so much to share and to add to a photo session!!! these are really interesting and beautiful!

  30. s h e r r y:

    These are super awesome. Really love the tall grass shots.