The Postcard Project-For purchase this time.

Get 'em while they're hot!
If you'd like to purchase an assortment of 10 postcards for $50, please email with the subject Postcard. We'll send you an invoice from there and your cards will be on the way within a week.

  1. Kristin Shyla:

    This series makes my heart skip a beat. Love your work! Time gets lost for me looking at it. Thank you!

  2. emma williams:

    sent you an email. fo sho.


    may I have a postcard? Sending you and email…gonna put it in a beautifully spray painted frame and hang over my desk next to a chick from russia with a boxing glove and a stolen montana license plate. you do great work bruddah, so where ever your feet find ya may they be planted somewhere beautiful surrounded by those ya love.

  4. Simon:

    Hi Sean, I’d love a postcard please. Love your stuff!