Luxembourg. The day was pure magic. If I could write I'd tell you about it, the photos will have to do. 2nd photographer: Benj Haisch. -SF

  1. daniel chesnut:

    incredible. loved these.

  2. jaquilyn:

    Brilliant. Every last bit.

  3. Tenielle:

    I feel a flutter when I see you post something, I feel a connection to people I’ve never met. It’s like discovering a box of old photographs in an attic, a glimmer of peoples lives from a different time.

  4. jeff ambrose:

    so good. your bw’s are destroying right now.

  5. Nirav:

    Mind blown…again.

  6. Kip Beelman:

    Got goat? Cowboy hats in Luxembourg… Who knew?

    Fab set. Well done. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Adele Cabanillas:

    These are amazing.

  8. Jeff marsh:

    Awesome yet again Mr Flanigan

  9. nate kaiser:

    you win.

  10. Jami Kenna:

    I would love to hang the lady in the fur coat and umbrella on my wall! It’s stoic! You’re amazing Sean!

  11. Kelly:

    unreal. love every shot.

  12. Ronnie:

    Magic indeed and pure awesome-ness. Love all those details shots.

  13. fer juaristi:

    killer wedding bro, love your approach in another country.

  14. stacey:

    You did tell the story in a much more appealing way than words ever could.

  15. misha:

    You had me at the goat.

  16. Brandon Lata:

    Oh man! Very well done SIRE! So many amazing images I cannot pic a favorite! Just an amazing collection of images man!

  17. Amanda VanVels:

    ya done good.


    that is some sweet meat, my friend.

  19. Andrew Sankey:

    Classic Sean Flanigan. So good.

  20. Tonhya Kae:

    knock it off. : )

  21. Preston:

    why are your black and whites so muddy,so good,love are they trendy? contemporary? timeless? …i’ve been checking your old blog for a month and here you are blogging all the while…thanks for the inspiration, frustration, contemplation.

  22. Milos:

    That must be somewhere in Europe….correct?

  23. ErinElizabeth:

    I always love your photography. And just as much, I love all these the commenters who rally behind you and give you so much (well-deserved) love.
    The bride’s eyes are stunning. Love that portrait shot getting ready where she’s staring straight into the lens. Beautiful.

  24. Justin James:

    Dig your stuff as always. Love the new blog/site and what not. Keep up the good work.

  25. ed peers:

    Simply brilliant. Wedding photojournalism at is finest. Pure class…

  26. Amari Kenoly:

    This is why I want to photograph weddings.

  27. Rog:

    This womans hair and smile are smiting me. I must never look at this post again. killer, killer beautiful.

  28. kyle h:

    well done, Sean. This gave me the feeling of a timeless Europe wedding

  29. Jessica:

    Gorgeous, Sean! I especially love the shot of the grannies through the car window and the granny with the umbrella. You’ve outdone yourself once again.

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  31. Paul Krol:

    Nice work, Sean.

  32. pam:

    no need for writing! wow!

  33. Ben Blood:

    I really like the one of the bride sitting on the bed with the fern wallpaper.
    And I’ve never seen a goat at a wedding.

  34. Sean Flanigan:

    thanks for all the feedback. the goat threw me off. here is the story, if i remember it correctly. vero has an older sister who is unmarried. in this instance the father of the bride is offered a goat… maybe if vero or dany read this they can chime in and explain better. -SF

  35. Daniel:

    Hi all! Sean almost got it right.

    Vero has an older sister and I have an older brother. Both are unmarried…yet. The tradition in Luxembourg is that they are offered a goat by their family…as a place-holder for a wife or a husband.

    Oh, I almost forgot: they also get the meat of the goat once it is butchered. Isn’t that a lovely tradition…?

  36. Sean Flanigan:

    Dany, thanks for chiming in! I got the story while I was photographing the goat so I only retained about half of it. Funny thing, the week following your wedding I had goat for the first time in Jamaica. Curry goat. -SF

  37. jeremy:

    really, really good…well done.

  38. ron storer:

    So many photographers. You are my favorite.

  39. andi:

    blown away, as usual.

  40. Matt:

    wow, love the style, first time I’ve been to this site

  41. rich:

    holy shit this new blog looks good – great set up for the photos, just a great vehicle, man. Also bottom frame here: http://stanflan.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/vero_dany1025.jpg Fuckin a right – that’s awesome.

  42. ali:

    really brilliant coverage.

  43. Joshua Gull:

    Shot 1025 takes the cake for me, but they’re all brilliant Sean. Great work man.

  44. Brian Davis:

    Beautiful photos. Really captured the day well. Also, loving the new site design. It’s killer!

  45. andrew lee:


  46. Teresa:

    Absolute magic! Love them all but especially love the one of the bride getting into the car. Timeless & beautifully captured.

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  48. Poser:

    Good gravy.

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  50. Kevin Wrenn Photography:

    Great set of images Sean!

  51. scott:

    i always enjoy the way you tell the story. you truly have a gift.
    image #1025 is beyond amazing.

  52. Rob:

    New site design is awesome. Your lighting skills are insane.

  53. michele bowman:

    these are such beautiful photos!! i loved looking through them all!

  54. Ryan Flood:

    I really hope goats become one of the next big wedding fads. Of course, the fact that it is not just makes your frames all the more excellent. Great timing on the shot of the man walking out of the building, as the bride stands still on the step!

  55. Tim Tab:

    freaking magical! the goat was probably my favorite part… I need a goat… or a wife.

  56. otto:

    that last frame is pure awsomeness man!!!

  57. bethany:

    absolutely terrific. I’m blown away.

  58. Clare west:

    Truly stunning images!!! I feel incredibly inspired now. The one of the people infront of the painting is genius!

  59. Dan O'Day:

    skills brother, loved this… granny’s in front of the painting = money

  60. leah:

    fabulous wedding. so special.

  61. nikki bezel:

    such greatness Sean! you are amazing!

  62. Jessica:

    This is flawless. Sean, your eye for photography is amazing. If you ever need a 2nd shooter in Seattle, I would be honored to tag along and shoot anything you need just to be there. Your work inspires me to do better.

  63. Brian Kraft:

    Oh man. Just amazing.

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  65. john:

    still my fav wedding coverage!

  66. Pepe Faraldo:

    Preciosas imágenes, Sean, me encanta el procesado… y como cuentas la historia. Gracias por compartir. Be happy :)