Viva España! Madrid.

Madrid, Spain.
A heart melt. Thank you to Bodaf for having me out to speak & share. I am posting these frames so my group from the workshop can see the end result.

  1. jill:

    hot damn my friend. viva españa y viva stanflan!

  2. Ruben:

    fue un placer conocerte, crack!

  3. ALMA:

    This is crazy dude!!!! awesomeness!!

  4. Tobiah:

    Wow wow wow wow

  5. olivia leigh:


  6. Greg:

    younger than before

  7. Erik Clausen:

    Mother effer.


    Awesome job! Love the lighting and editing. Her hair is rad might I add!

  9. tim riddick:

    bro you are so cash money.

  10. kathleen frank:

    wow. these could not be more stunning…

  11. Dragos:


  12. Kip:

    All cracker barrel, no cheese.

  13. kyle hale:

    Digital is not dead. 003 is $

  14. john benavente:

    ole senor bogan.

  15. michael rowley:

    get out.

  16. serafin:

    Cool!Spain is waitin’ for u again

  17. Javier Abad:

    Nice work Papi Chulo…We want you back asap!!

  18. Antonio Montesinos:

    Sean magnificent! Spain is proud of your work! You’re a Crack! Made in Flanigan!

  19. Joaquin Bodas:


  20. Kristi Wright:

    Stupid good.

  21. Ezequiel bodas:


  22. Gabriel Navas:

    WOW!! You’re my master. I hope to see again soon. Regards from Spain

  23. ed peers:

    Unreal Sean. An honour to be there with you man…

  24. Natalie Champa Jennings:

    Stunning. The colors are fantastic. Very inspiring as always!

  25. sarah danaher:

    (lovely, lovely work)

  26. Jade Sheldon:

    Incredible. Stunning location… stunning people… stunning compositions… stunning color…

  27. Jose Miranda:

    Tio, esto en español!!! Que bueno eres copón!!!!

  28. Heather Perera:

    Wow! Incredible Sean…really stunning work!

  29. Pablo Beglez:

    Gracias por compartir. Un abrazo muy grande desde Canary Island :).

  30. Francis Felipe:

    Hola Seam.. Avisa cuando hagas un taller en spain… Seria un placer acudir. Preciosa fotos…

  31. Monre:

    Amazing!! Pleasure to meet you. I hope go to your next workshop in Spain

  32. Joe O'Daniels:

    Such an incredible set! Amazed…

  33. duane:

    i do not have words!!!!

  34. sebastienboudot:

    ps : So damned hackers for your mate Jonas !

  35. Jared Tseng:

    Sean! These are incredible! Well done friend!

  36. Meg:

    I can’t even describe how amazing I think these are.

  37. Alex - East London Wedding Photographer:

    Beautiful portraits!

  38. Joyce Alexander:

    The coloring in these is SO lovely. Beautiful people, beautifully captured.

  39. gee:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaawesome !!!!!!!!!

  40. Germán&Vero:

    I´m so sad because finally we didn´t see your Workshop but i´m sure people enjoyed. Miss U :(

  41. Fran Cabades:

    Simply Excellent my friend!!!! congrats!!

  42. Jason Mark Harris:


  43. Tenielle:


  44. Stefan Hellberg - Photographer based in Luzern, Switzerland:

    hand down, best soul ever. Thx for sharing

  45. Rich:

    Sean these are Amazing!

  46. Mike:

    Bravo. Once Again.

  47. Adrian Bonet:

    Beautiful pics! :)

  48. Paul Krol:

    i just love these. they are so amazing ,man.

  49. Kimberly LaCount:
  50. Juya:

    ufff beutiful clicks!!!! ;D

  51. Fotografo de bodas - Gerardo Cano:

    wow! no sabría decirte cual es mi foto favorita de todas ellas. Creo que la 1018 es buenísima: Un gran retrato. enhorabuena! por cierto…. ¡¡¡Viva España!!!!

  52. Nes Solorio:

    Son espectaculares amigo. Love them.

  53. artesanias mendoza salvador:

    woo that hair!! awesome pictures

  54. Hamish Jordan:

    She has such a great look and your photography blends so well with that look. the tones are perfect, fits with her hair colour, what is there not to love from these photographs, great work!

  55. Carmen - Fotografo de bodas tenerife:

    Muy bueno el reportaje, me gusta mucho los encuadres, los ángulos, muy buena calidad fotográfica, felicidades! saludos