Fresh Collateral

I've always been the kind of person that has trouble letting go. One thing I started working on last year was letting go of things I am not very good at to focus on what I am good at. Among phone calls, email and general admin stuff, design isn't really something I excel at. I think of myself as a wanna be graphic designer, I love it and really appreciate good design, but I'm not the guy to get that job done. Before I launched this new site, I had been using this old site for about 6 years. It served me very well but the overall design was lacking. I mean, I made the logo and did the mock-up and then sent it in for coding without any professional design guidance. About 10 months ago I met Greg Lutze of Must Warn Others, an incredibly gifted designer, who at the time was living in Seattle, about 30 miles north of me. We met, talked about photography and started a working relationship. Greg did this website design and has just finished up new collateral that I'm super excited about. The new site has been really well received and I've seen my web traffic almost double as well as great feedback on it from clients, new and old. I honestly couldn't be more happy with the revamp. As a gift I'd like to send out postcards, like the ones above to readers and followers of my work as a thank you for supporting me in my labor of love. If you'd like a postcard sent to you please email me your address to sean(at)

All the best, Sean