[vimeo] In February 2007, I traveled to India with a 5D, 24L & 85L. - The experience truly shaped me as a photographer. Most days there I'd go out only wielding the 24. This forced me in close and made me think about the images I wanted. Approaching a stranger and telling them you're going to be photographing them a few inches from their face isn't the easiest thing to do. A lot of the time I was afraid and wanted to hesitate. I was able to overcome those feelings by a stronger desire to make a good image. One of the only things that sticks with me to this day from photo school is something one of my instructors said. "Frame you're shot up, then take a huge step closer." He was right, take a huge step toward your subject and then snap. - After my trip to India I came home with a new approach to weddings. I was going to get closer, close enough to shoot with my 24 and fill the frame. Today I shoot life, weddings, friends, family and everything up close. Personal and intimate. - I have India to thank for such a growing experience. - I'm headed to Singapore tomorrow morning for 8 days. I'll be working 3 out of the 8 leaving me with 5 free days to explore. I haven't had that kind of time to photograph for myself since this India trip. I am excited, I can't wait to fall back in love with my craft. I'll be back in town on the 19th. Until then. - SF