Nuria & Yoann- Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Spain. - I can't believe that I get to meet & photograph such incredible people in such special locations. Barcelona took my breath away. - I'm currently in the air en route from Newark back home to tacoma- I've been reflecting on the last few months. Actually, the last 5 plus months. I've rarely been home for more than a week since August. - And just as soon as I land & get settled back in- I'll be itching to go again. To another city, to meet & make images with new friends. - My love for my craft has absolutely exploded within me recently & I cannot wait for the remainder of 2014, because big things are coming. - This will be my last blog post on this site. I'm currently building and curating content for smothing completely new, and I can't wait to share it. - Until then- I'll be posting work to my TMBLR account. - SF