The Postcard Project-Postcard Blowout

It's that time of year where I am gearing up to make some new marketing material for 2012. I'm sitting on a couple hundred postcards & I'd like to send out last years cards to anyone that would like one. I'm caping this at 150 so get your request in soon. - If you would like a postcard sent to you please send an email to greg(at)seanflanigan(dot)net with the address you’d like the card sent to. You’ll also need to drop a comment here on this post confirming you sent the email to receive a card, this way we know to look in our junk mail for your name if we don’t see an email from you. - SF

Note: This is 5 out of the 8 different cards we are sending out. - Edited to add: that is it. We've reached our limit for postcards now. If you missed out don't worry, I'll be doing this again.