VSCO Film-Changing Games

VSCO Film, This stuff is fierce. For the past 4-5 years I've been trying to lock down a look in photoshop that would give me a natural film look. I started shooting film when I first picked up a camera more than 10 years ago. When I converted to digital photography in 2005 I was really unhappy with how (I guess for a lack of a better way of saying it) digital my images looked, glossy, too polished and lacking soul. - I've seen gimmicks come and go with photo actions and presets. I've always wanted to keep my images true and let the clothing, hairstyles and overall aesthetic of the people and places I shoot date my images, not my post production work. VSCO Film has answered my call. - If you're interested. I used Tri-X++ & Portra 800 to process the above images. - You can pick up your VSCO Film Pack here at a discount for a limited time. I recommend it. - SF - Edited to add. - Before & Afters. Before images first, afters second. - Not exactly one-click & done but really close & super fast processing. Black & Whites are either Tri-X++ or HP5+. Additional tweaks are from the tool kit. Faded+, & fill light. Remember to try the blacks slider too for some additional punch. I've pretty much got my B&W's dialed in exactly how I like. - The color frames are 400H, Portra 800 or Portra 160. As a general rule I've been keeping the grain at 30 & using faded+ on everything. - Super fast processing. VSCO Film. - I'll try my best to keep a discussing going in the comments box here. - Happy processing.

- SF