YWBSS Workshop with Jenny J. NYC.

You Wanna Be Startin Somethin #2 is taking us to NYC July 10-11. Jenny & I will be sharing our approach to business and photography including:

- How we approach weddings, from first contact to last dance - Fundamentals of simple reception lighting - Identifying & supporting your brand & voice - Live shoot & post processing (Sean) - Shooting families with a documentary perspective (Jenny)

Limited spots available. Reserve yours here. - Feedback from past participants: - This is the perfect workshop for starting your business on the right foot. In those 48 hours that I will never forget, I was filled with knowledge from how to connect with clients from the first meeting to how to run a wedding day schedule and build connections with families. With inspiration and structure stemmed creativity and being true to yourself, your style and developing your brand. I dug the deepest I have ever done in those 2 days and had the love and support of not only Jenny and Sean but all the fantastic and talented workshop attendees by my side. Being a photographer is a huge investment - not only financially but physically, mentally and spiritually. I made one of the best decisions of my career and life by investing in Sean and Jenny’s workshop. They are a dynamic duo of power- with Jenny’s get down to business side with a flavor of fun and Sean’s brilliant creative mind- they make the perfect team. If you feel like you need structure, inspiration and focus in your business, Jenny and Sean’s workshop is the way to go. You will leave a better photographer as a whole because knowledge is power and this workshop is one power kick in the face. - Karen Obrist - As a working photographer three years into my business I had a lot of reservations about attending a workshop, and I'm so glad I attended! Even though I had a pretty good knowledge of how the wedding day works, what I took away from the workshop was info on how to really MAKE the day of wedding photography run smooth by all the prep work that goes into the days before a wedding. Becoming friends with your clients and all the ways to build relationships with them leading up their wedding is really an essential part of the business. Aside from that, we took a good look at what our own brands stand for and what we want them to stand for. These sorts of exercises are really nice to do in a group setting and hear from other people's perspectives. Along with Jenny and Sean's awesomeness I made new friends with other talented people across the U.S. that attended the class... what's better than that? - Heather Curiel - I went into Jenny and Sean's workshop with really REALLY high expectations because I admire them both immensely, and my expectations were beyond exceeded. J & S were an open book and covered a ton of both the technical and creative aspects of wedding and family photography. I got inspired, I made friends, I had an amazing time and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Some of the best invested $ ever! - Val, the Red Balloon Photography