If you're lazy and you happen to love photography too, then Iceland is for you.

The country is barren of trees- offering unobstructed views of the incredible topography. On top of that, summer offers light all day and most of the night. The winter offers short days with soft light. The weather is ever changing.  If you're not feeling the way the light is falling- just wait. We shot the majority of these frames through the window of our rental car or within steps of Ring Road, Iceland's main highway that loops the island. Truly drive-thru photos. 

And if you're a heavy user of hot dogs- you'll be in heaven.

Every gas station is hot dog ready. It's a point and shoot destination. Easy mode. Everything looks cool, and light is good. Don't worry about the tour buses were tourists are dropped off by the hundreds at the top destinations, you'll fit right in.

So hop a flight and get there. And get yourself a whale steak while you're at it. Medium-rare.