In April we posted about our upcoming year and travel schedule.

2015 has been our best year yet. We kicked it off with our first wedding in India and we are going to end our season in Dubai with a bang.

in between all of that we launched Tsunami and Avalanche with our dear friend, Alejandro Gomez. This has been the best project of our lives. Art the way we want it and answering to no one.

Below we have provided our travel schedule through the end of 2015.

September 10-14 - Beirut, Lebanon. Wedding

October 4-7 - London, England. Workshop. Sign up.

October 8-11 - Hamburg, Germany. Workshop. Sold out.

October 12-13 - Haarlem, Netherlands. Workshop. Sign up.

October 14-21 - Iceland. T&A campaign. We are looking to collaborate. Get in touch.

October 28-31 - Italy. The Ostuni. Workshop. Sign up.

December 13-20 - Dubai. Wedding.

Contact us if we will be in your area.