Nestldown Wedding – married deep within the redwoods

Caitlin and Eduardo

Nestldown, Los Gatos

Nestled among the redwoods is the lush landscape that slowly descends into a broad stairway leading to a lakeside amphitheater with a handful of chairs and a platform waiting for the bride and groom to say their vows. Yes, this is precisely the setting Nestldown offers, and it is safe to say that if we have ever been a part of any wedding where the venue is magical, then this is it.

The Surreal beauty of the Redwoods

The rustic elegance of Nestldown is what mesmerized us from the moment we arrived. Imagine being in the middle of the woods, the sunlight streaking in from the canopies high above, the sweet fragrance of unknown flowers, the chirping of birds, and a lake beside which you could sit for hours. This is the kind of solace that people want when they are tired of their stressful jobs. Wouldn’t it be romantic if you could arrange a wedding here? It would not only be romantic, but your guests will appreciate such an incredible space to spend the day.

What made our Nestldown wedding project memorable was the location. The wedding venue has pathways and stone patios that lead to the reception area. The wedding space is spacious enough to accommodate up to 200 guests. Green ferns and tall trees surround this area. There’s a waterfall nearby, two large ponds, and lush gardens. Everything about this place is magical. There is also an indoor area with grand chandeliers and large balconies. This was the reception site.

As photographers, we believe that the beauty of the wedding area is unmatched. We got frames from hundreds of different angles. We could believe all the photographic opportunities this little oasis offered. a venue as spectacular as the Nestldown is rare and we are grateful for being part of such a memorable day.

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