The Sou'Wester Lodge.

Seaview, WA

A beautifully unique trailer park wedding at the Washington Coast.

Listen, there aren’t many wedding venues with as much heart and soul as the Sou’wester Lodge. You can take your pick of vintage trailers to sleep in. These trailers have been fully restored and decorated to the nines. Some fully equipped to sleep your entire wedding party while others offer just a small bed. These trailers provide a unique backdrop for a wedding or your cocktail hour. This place takes you back in time - head into the lodge for a hot cup of coffee in the morning or pick up a snack from the gift shop in the afternoon and pay by using the ‘honor system’ (write your name and item down on a piece of paper to sum the total at checkout). Not only does this location offer incredible charm and character, it’s located right on the Pacific Ocean. A three minute walk from the beach and a 5 minute drive to Cape Dissapointment , which offers up a rugged, world class beach experience. But best of all, the rare beauty of the Sou’wester and the Pacific Ocean backdrop make it all feel like you’re photographing everything on easy mode. This place is a gem and it needs to be experienced in person.

So here we are with Nevin and Mikey and more love than you can handle.

As photographers themselves, fun and a great location were mandatory. Not only did The Sou’wester offer fun, it offered up a completely unique wedding experience.

Really there is no way you can put into words exactly what it felt like to be a witness to this love story, and really the photos don't even do it complete justice - but we tried. This is a big post because it was a big day with big love, big family, and big friends - and we were just happy to be a part of it. 


Tools: Canon M3. Fujifilm XP2 and XT2. AFFOB Presets.

If you want more, we've posted a fuller gallery on our portfolio and Junebug Wedding wrote a feature on it here.

With Love,