Live passionately, even if it kills you, because something is going to kill you anyway.
— MC

First up. We will be speaking and dropping the hammer at Photo Filed Trip this weekend. See you there, or not. 

Next. We've been extremely happy to contribute to the labor of love that is Tsunami and Avalanche. We can't wait to see T&A take flight. Soon.

Yesterday we posted a major wedding from Goa, India on our galleries page. Narina and Tarek challenged the wedding category- it was everything.

AFFOB whereabouts thus far:

March  5-9th - Photo Field Trip

April 5-9th - Monterrey, MX

April 13-16th - Madrid, Spain

April 17-21st - Canary Islands, Spain

May 19-24th - Amman, Jordan

June 1-5th - Oahu, Hawaii

June 18-21st - Wyoming 

July 21-26 - Barcelona, Spain & Istanbul, Turkey

October 4-9 - London, England

October 19-23rd - Brazil

October 28-31st - Ostuni, Italy

This is our year.