Union/Pine Wedding


It was an analog dream. A full film wedding at the incredible Union/Pine in Portland. Photographed on cheap point and shoot cameras made in the 90’s.


Portland, Oregon

Phil and Sara

Not sure where to begin with this wedding. I’ve know Phil for nearly 10 years. I connected with HIM upon minutes of meeting him. Phil is incredibly funny and the most positive person I know, and one of the best working portrait photographers right now. When Phil moved form Ohio to Portland I was excited to introduce him to my new girlfriend, Melanie. Melanie was charmed by Phil’s incredible personality immediately. Phil has a way of being so real and easy to talk to that you just want to be around him. I’m lucky to call him a friend.

Sara is also a brilliant photographer and friend. And It’s funny, because we live just two hours apart, we see Sara more in Spain and other locales than we do at home.

I’ve seen a lot of love on display but it isn’t often I see two people on complete fire for one another. I think Sara brings the best out of phil and Phil does the same for her. Their love is reciprocal and beautiful and I am just happy to have been a small part of it.

Melanie and I were floored when Phil and Sara reached out about shooting their wedding in Portland. We were told we could shoot it on film and there were no rules. That was our brief.

Every wedding we bring a few pocket cameras to work with, but this was something different entirely. I immediately got on Ebay and ordered several point and shoot 35mm cameras so I’d have time to test them before the wedding. We wanted to keep a snapshot aesthetic but it was important that the camera have certain features. We needed a built-in flash and also a large aperture lens. We ended up buying two Olympus MJU ii’s for the wedding. We also shot Phil’s M7, the Black Slim Devil, and the Lomo LC-A. For film we shot Ilford Delta 3200, Portra 160, and Portra 800.

On the day of their wedding we showed up at their house. It didn’t feel like we were at work, It just felt like we were with friends and we had some cameras. After making a few portraits in their home, we moved to Union/Pine. Phil and Sara’s ceremony was completely unique. They we’re able have their guests and deliver their wedding vows from the rooftop of Union/Pine. It was incredible, and intimate, and the emotions were devastatingly beautiful.

We had never photographed Union/Pine before. Flooded with natural light and an industrial vibe, it was absolutely perfect.

Enjoy the photos of these beautiful souls, we made them with love.

Oh, and there is a super 8 video surprise if you can make it to the end of this post.


Wedding Dream Team. Planner - Kayla Hoppins. Venue - Union/Pine. Design - Bright Night. Florist - Selva. Video - Bang! Bang! Academy.

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