The Beauty of the White Sands - Portraits


The Beauty of the White sands - A Portrait Series

The White Sands have earned rave reviews among the masses for the aesthetics. Here's a look at our experience shooting at the White Sands and what it means to spend time in such a beautiful part of New Mexico.

History of the White Sands

Located in the Tularosa Basin, the White Sands offer a mesmerizing view filled with gypsum and calcium sulfate sand. These desert sands are breathtaking as they lay spread across the heart of New Mexico covering approximately 442 square kilometers. Researchers claim these sands are magical for a number of reasons including their cool touch. The sun doesn't reflect off gypsum-heavy sand making it an ideal place to walk around. Since gypsum is one of the more hidden mineral compounds on the planet, it's rare to see it out in the open. This is what makes the White Sands such an intriguing setting for those enjoying all that it has to offer. While this area wasn't always as it is now, the gypsum sand is now one of the more popular places to be in New Mexico.

Magic of the White Sands

It's important to understand what it means to spend time at the White Sands as a visitor. We were left in awe of the natural beauty on display as the sun gently absorbed into the sand offering an absolutely perfect view. It's a place that is truly breathtaking. The soft sand nestles against the ground without getting in your way. The allure of this place is second to none and that is why thousands of people visit the White Sands every year. It's more than a sand-covered setting as it offers incredible sights, great weather, and the ability to enjoy nature at its finest. The sense of rarity spread across this area is what makes it inspiring. Being able to enjoy the gypsum-heavy sands can be quite the experience as it's different from anything else in the world. These sands are cooler to the touch, look vibrant, and have this unforgettable aura that's simply impossible to ignore. Many places don't provide this type of elegance or beauty in one package. However, the White Sands are something else entirely. They are breathtaking, comforting, and provide access to some of nature's finest beauty. Even taking a stroll through the area for a while was amazing as we took a step back and soaked in the area's vibe. For us, this was more than a chance to take great photos! It was an opportunity to be a part of something that is truly remarkable in every single way. We were amazed at the overall feel of this location and it quickly became one of those experiences we'll never forget.

The White Sands for Portraits

When we started to play around, we realized we were somewhere special. It was impressive to see the sands gently stir under our feet as we walked from one spot to the other. It was something straight out of a movie and that's what drew us in. The White Sands are great for many reasons and one of them has to do with their photogenic qualities. Everything about the area is thought-provoking, inspiring, and engaging. Almost every angle we played with worked like magic and that's something other areas don't offer. This was one of those experiences we may never get again because of how quickly everything worked out. With the glistening sands, beautiful blue skies and incredible sandstorm that seemed to have come out of nowhere, we couldn't have asked for better conditions. If the goal is to take great portraits in New Mexico then the White Sands are the place to be! In the end, we had the best time making portraits at the White Sands. We quickly fell in love with this beautiful area in New Mexico and can’t wait to go back.


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Tools: AFFOB Presets. Sony A7iii and 24-70/2.8 GM

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