The 25 Best Wedding Venues in Seattle


Top 25 Wedding Venues In And Around Seattle

Seattle is an amazing city, its diversity and culture make it as romantic as it is intriguing. The city boasts many accomplishments, from the worlds most famous coffee house to its vibrant and artistic downtown and the quaint houseboats in its harbor. It is no wonder that Seattle has produced so many amazing artists and musicians. It is no wonder that so many movies have been filmed in and around the city, and it is no wonder that it has grown as a wedding destination!

Seattle is a spectacular wedding destination. Not just for those who live in the Pacific Northwest, but couples from around the world are flocking to Seattle for its romantic atmosphere and inspiring wedding venues.

There are so many options for getting married in Seattle that it can get overwhelming sifting through them all. We decided to write this article in order to list the top 25 wedding venues in and around Seattle in order to help you find your perfect venue. This article is meant as an introduction to the venues, We will mention the venue, where it is and why it could be a good choice. This will make it easy for you to do some research on the venues that interests you the most.

Seattle’s Top 10 Wedding Venues

1. Sodo Park: This historic building downtown Seattle is an excellent choice! It is a restored manufacturing plant that has a very romantic, rustic and open atmosphere.

2. Olympic Rooftop Pavilion: This downtown venue is exactly what it sounds like! The rooftop, other than being nicely decorated, offers beautiful views of the city along with the surrounding mountains, rivers, and harbor.

3. Fremont Foundry: This artsy venue is described rather nicely on its website with three words: “Industrial. Unconventional. Beautiful.” It is truly unique and offers many perks along with its great downtown location.

4. Georgetown Ballroom: Located in the Georgetown district, this venue is another example of how charming an industrial property can be. The property was originally a warehouse, then converted into a theater. It offers a very warm and contemporary atmosphere.

5. MV Skansonia: This is actually a vintage ship that is along the historic waterfront of downtown Seattle. The ship has been redone with all of the comforts you would expect and offers a great venue that is literally on the water.

6. The Foundry: This was originally a copper factory in the industrial district of Seatle. It was converted very nicely and offers an excellent mixture of contemporary-rustic design.

7. Kimpton Alexis Hotel: This venue offers everything that you would expect from one of the top luxury hotels in Seattle. The historic building was built in 1901 and offers a great atmosphere along with all of the amenities of a luxury hotel.

8. Columbia Tower Club: This venue has an amazing view of downtown Seattle, probably the best view on our list. They also do a very good job of taking care of the wedding couple. Their ideology is to offer the ‘best' of everything!

9. WithinSodo: This renovated warehouse, located in Sodo Park, offers a great atmosphere. They were able to create a contemporary yet very warm atmosphere out of the building that is enjoyed by all.

10. The Fairmount Olympic Hotel: This historic, luxury hotel distinguishes itself from the others with its elegance and Italian Renaissance style. They offer classic luxury, style and all that you would expect from a luxury hotel.

*just because these are the highest rated doesn’t mean they are the best


The following venues in the city of Seattle are definitely worth looking into:

11. Canvas Event Space; 12. The Corson Building; 13. Metropolist; 14. Sanctuary At Admiral; 15. The Canal; 16. Axis Pioneer Square; 17. 10 Degrees; 18. Volunteer Park Conservatory; 19. Lake Union Cafe; 20. Sole Repair Shop.


top 5 Wedding Venues on the outskirts of Seattle

Seattle wedding venues

21. The sou’wester Lodge: A historic lodge and vintage travel trailers that you and your guests can stay in, just a few minute walk from the Pacific Ocean.

22. The Friday Harbor House: This is a quaint hotel/venue that has great ratings in the San Juan Islands.

23. Lake Quinault Lodge: This is a rustic venue that is located in the Olympic national park. Of course, most who get married in the area have outdoor weddings and choose a lodge or cabins to stay in for the event.

24. The North Cascades Institute: This is a great choice for outdoor weddings. The natural surroundings make it perfect and enjoyable for an “off the beaten path” wedding.

25. Mountain Springs Lodge: Last but not least, this is a perfect choice for a wedding in the Cascade mountains. They offer indoor and outdoor options and have a superb property and high-quality cuisine.

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